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Christie Chew-Wallace is a Painter and Art Gallery Owner!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Christine Chew-Wallace is a Fine Artist, She is also owner of the CC's Art Garage and Gallery in Chicago! Her style tends to be bright, flashy, saturated, and intense in its nature. She distorts the human anatomy to make a statement about our shared experiences. Many of her pieces are also quite abstract and lush, its as if she build's universes in her canvases.

"My art, like myself, tends to be strong and dynamic and almost always entirely in your face. Making art is quite selfish because it satisfies that deep place - a place in every one of us. Blank canvases hold no anxiety or mystery, they invite, regardless of how rocky the terrain may be at the moment or how long it takes me to get there. I like a challenge." -excerpt from her site.


Sale Price:800.00 Original Price:950.00

Acrylic and Spray Paint with black frame 44" x 32'' Collaborative work between myself and Lewis Graham Taylor, this was the very first piece we worked on together , so says the title.


Sale Price:50.00 Original Price:100.00

this piece is mixed media, paint and glitter. Matted but unframed



Mixed Media 25 x 22'' Collaborative work with Lewis Graham Taylor

To get in contact with Christie Chew-Wallace

Follow her on Instagram:

Call Direct: 312-371-8629

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