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LA’s Coop is a Genre Bending Rockstar

Touching down in Los Angeles at least infrequently for your career has been a standard in the music industry for who knows how long. Eventually; every recording artist must make the natural pilgrimage to LA to expand their craft and business.

It isn’t just chance that one of the first people I meet happens to be Boston transplant Coop, a recording artist that fuses rock, punk, rap, new wave, alt-pop, and edm into dark sonic-scapes using his voice and engineering prowess. A new age rock-star if you will, perusing through his Instagram and Spotify I was impressed with how much of a catalog he had built independently. Coop has a lot of songs, and a large variety of styles and flavors to pick from. If you’re on a lengthy drive, a playlist of Coop could probably suffice, how many artists at an indie level can say this?

Heading over to his youtube I watched his music video to the song, Skeletons. A hype performance visual featuring Coop in his all black get up, including face paint, at different locations presumably Los Angeles. Skeletons is an intensely melodic hip hop pop rock fusion record with Coop hitting notes piercingly creating a wall with his vocals paired to instrumentation that’s simply phenomenal. I believe he told me he engineers his own work which is highly impressive considering the uniquely affected sound, a sound clearly carved out to separate him from the crowd.

Coop has also recently put out records on all streaming platforms such as BREAKDANCE 2020, Romantic, Grenade, Daydreams, and LOVEISWAR. Go stream and follow Coop, today!


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