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Orlando Coolridge Drops Sophomore Album, Sodatsu.

Coming off his debut full length LP Sutato released May 2019, Sodatsu is an even more lush and melodic entry to Orlando Coolridge's steadily growing hip hop catalog! Fully self produced and engineered, this project is a testament to the versatility Coolridge has not only as an artist but a musical tradesmen as well!

The intro track, Heaven Is A Playground is an epic saga about Orlando's love and relationship with the game of basketball. "You live to learn from the losses, but you could never live with the losses, its the only way you win in the process." Orlando paints these philosophically poignant lines relating the life experience to the game of basketball and does so, beautifully.

G.O.D. Infinite is a reggae type hip hop fusion record, dusty drums, and solid, succinct rhymes from the SlumpGang777 emcee. "Just take it day by day I try to elevate my mind so I face the sky, as I embrace my light I shine, they never hold me down, I am GOD INFINITE." This song has a remarkable way of grounding you and making you feel good again. No vibes are lost with this record, a go to first track to bump on Sodatsu.

Another favorite from the album is Homeward Bound, Orlando Coolridge sings this light but powerful melody, "Stop tryna be someone else, don't lose yourself, trying to find love, I'm trying to find my way back home, searching for a path back to myself and what I know." He sings it in a rhythm that is staccato and accented at the end of the vocal phrasing. The instrumental is heavily west coast/Warren G influenced, a masterful production from Orlando Coolridge.

The outro record to Sodatsu is VIBE, another amazing melodic run from Coolridge. He sings catchy pop phrases in both the hook and the verses. "I know you feel the gravity, magnetized, clarity, I wanna love you carefully, there for you, be there for me." Bars, punchlines, and strong wordplay can always be found in an Orlando Coolridge record, what's surprising and infectious is the light melodic glazed singing that he matches to his own instrumentals. If you're looking for a record that reminds you of the golden era of hip hop but also relaxes you with wondrous and touchingly sung melodies, look no further than Orlando Coolridge's Sodatsu.

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