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About the art, vision and message

African Americans have had a special place in their lives for beauty salons and barber shops since the turn of the 19th century. Besides providing hair care services, they have also served as forums for black people to express themselves and discuss issues of importance. Customers were able to play games such as chess, cards, and dominoes while discussing local gossip, politics, and community affairs.

Over the years, beauty salons and barber shops have come to provide a unique social function. According to scholars, these sites are often described as sanctuaries for black people living in the area. There have been numerous film adaptations of African American themes that utilize these businesses to depict black culture in the United States.

As a child going to the hair salon was a right of passage, a way of relaxing, a way of connecting to my culture and so much more! Join me December 9th - at a Private Art Gallery located in Logan Square.

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