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Screenshot 2022-02-06 at 08-10-28 Cyphers After Dark Episode 2 Asha The Omega, Dat Bizness

Cyphers After Dark is a hip hop platform with the sole purpose of exposing the best lyrical talent curated by Candice Alise and Wilhelm Duke of Art After Dark, LLC. Based in Chicago and LA, this platform is geared towards finding emcees of the greatest ability both far and wide. The world is full of amazing rappers, and our mission is to produce high quality cypher visuals showcasing the talent in the most fundamental form; performing a verse over an instrumental. ​ Our focus is to highlight talent that is underrepresented, emerging, underground, independent, or underrated. We aim to boost up any emcee who might lack exposure. All shot after hours, Cyphers After Dark will be the exemplary late night independent cypher series.

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