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3 Whole Seasons by Favourite Cousins.

I discovered this enigmatic, electric, and fresh duo by chance and proxy being a regular customer at one of Chicago's local dispensaries. A pair of sisters introduced me to their son/nephew who is 1/2 of Favourite Cousins. They were proud to speak about his musical talent and I was intrigued to listen and search out their music video to the song, "3 Whole Seasons"

After realizing this song and visual is some of their first work I was even more impressed by what I was hearing and watching. The duo can be seen turning up to their record in the forest, smoking blunts, cigarettes, carrying bats and golf clubs. The lyrics are piercingly honest and have an intensity about them.

"I was gone for two days, dudes try to fuck my b**** I'm supposed to be the goofy I'm a little too nice", being a "nice guy" so to speak, whatever the hell that means, that line is extremely relatable. When a man comes off as or is perceived to be weak because he is kind, some will try to take advantage of that aspect. That idea in just a bar or two is well painted by the first rapper of the Favourite Cousins duo.

"She can't get out, he can't get out, we can't get out, I'm still rolling!" the duo repeats the hook in a sing rap chant style before the 2nd rapper of the pair comes in with "So set, I was chasing rainbows, caught up in the rain though." Another relatable line especially to artists and entertainers working hard but have little recognition. Let's change that by giving shine to music makers like the Favourite Cousins duo with their single, 3 Whole Seasons.

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