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Acrylic TrapHouse Brings The City Dope Art & Accessories

Acrylic TrapHouse is owned and operated by Daria B and Big Manny! They are residents of the South side of Chicago. This colorful black-owned brand is bringing the city innovative acrylic and resin wall-art, clothing, and accessories that will blow your mind!

Their art is current and cutting edge in tandem with pop culture, paired with iconic, illustrated, comic styles. Their comic book illustration style is not like something our grandparents saw as a child or us as kids filled with superheroes but their artwork takes the Comic book styles fusing it with their inspiration from art movements of the past, they choose notably iconic black figures in both film and television illustrating them into creative worlds where they are spotlighted on. The depth of focus, use of coloring and shading in their art give it a cinematic style, heightening the viewers emotional connection to the piece.

Acrylic TrapHouse has a top selection of resin accessories and clothing and is the best in unique handmade pieces. Their sweatshirts, t-shirts, and crewnecks are fashionable and comfortable to wear! Be sure to follow and support these amazing Chicago based creators and artists!

Shop Acrylic TrapHouse DM for inquiries!


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