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AM Early Morning Links with Johnny Slash for "The Shining" Inspired LP, Nicholson.

Johnny Slash on the production and some vocal cuts, with AM Early Morning delivering a full body of lyrical acumen, Nicholson, pays homage to the savagery of the character Jack plays in the classic Stanley Kubrick book to film adaptation of Stephen King's horror novella.

Nicholson starts out with track 1, Wendy. We can hear an excerpt from the film before Johnny Slash's voice comes in to wreak havoc over his own beat with gruesome force.

"Once it come in, then its going out, Only taking cash, need the full amount." The hook rings in your head over and over as "Full Amount" plays front to back, AM Early Morning's cut throat honest lines about the hustle over an ominously scary horror core beat make for a great track 2 in this slasher genre boom bap album.

This Tape features verses from Daniel Son and Poison Pen. A dope 3 verse track with a vocal sample from something I can't pin point but it adds sonic texture as far as skits and hip hop album cuts go.

Vibes is a two piece verse record with Johnny Slash and AM Early Morning going back to back. The hook is a sample of an old male's voice repeating something like "Kill the fucking vibe".

When I Shoot starts with a sound bite of Homer Simpson yelling here's Johnny (signature Johnny Slash sound bit)! This record features heavyweight rapper Johnny Gunz. "Head down, pencil moving on the paper, had the pack in Indiana like a damn Pacer!" raps AM Early Morning on the second verse. This LP is chock full of authentic gangsta rap quotable lines you'll most definitely be reciting in your head.

Can't Let 'Em Breathe is a hard core boom bap track about applying the pressure featuring one long verse from AM Early Morning.

The Hammer features Lo Gun and Jaber. The Hammer contains 4 total gun bar verses one from each, Johnny Slash, AM Early Morning and the previously mentioned Lo Gun and Jaber. "Fingerprints, dust it off the hammer" can be heard repeated throughout as the hook of The Hammer.

No Cap is a smooth cool hustler's track, "Keep it a buck, no cap, Designer smoke, high fashion," "calm ya nerves younging calm ya nerves" "My cousin rocked somebody for like 60 birds" The track features a long AM Early Morning verse in between short hook like bridges in No Cap.

The titular record of the LP, Nicholson employs lady rap legend Gavlyn on track 10 of the boom bap slasher masterpiece. "Nicholson, nicholson, its that Nicholson, at the top, at the top and I'm shining again" The hook begins an eerily chill record with industrial horns over a dusty gritty drum pattern. Gavlyn comes in with "I know I'm crazy but who isn't? Now mind your fucking business while I'm sipping whiskey in my kitchen?" Gavlyn delivers a chillingly introspective murderous verse for AM Early Morning and Johnny Slash's cut throat album, Nicholson.

Any fan of horror core rap, gangsta rap, boom bap, and old school hip hop will find Nicholson to be a record worthy of praise. From its themes to its sounds, lyrics, instruments, and more, Nicholson revives and keeps alive aspects of hip hop many incorrectly assume to be of a dying breed.

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