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Angel Haze Moves Quickly with Weight.

Originally breaking onto the scene with the infamous XXL freshman class of 2013, Angel Haze has always been a fiery and explosively fast spitter. She proves this again with her latest insane track called, "Weight".

Angel Haze's seriousness and emotion in her music is what made her quite an attractive artist in the early 2010s, I believe she took a hiatus from 2015 to 2021 before releasing her latest newly defined explosiveness.

You have not heard structures, flows, and rhythms like this from her before. She touches many different pockets of a unique style of chopping. The line that struck me the most during the first listen was "All these labels, all these fables, all these cain and fucking abels, all you bottom feeding bitches stealing scraps up on the tables!"

In various shots through out the music video you see Angel Haze dressed up in this sort of Fury Road - Mad Maxish post apocalyptic warrior gear brandishing what looks like to be an M4 or AR-15. You can also see her hanging out the roof and window of a Jeep speeding through city streets and bridges. Angel Haze brings a lot of edge to this track and video, and we're loving every second of it!

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