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Artist Spotlight:Dr. Jess Owens-Young Professor and Multidisciplinary Artist focusing on Black Life!

It is no secret that Dr. Jess Owens-Young is one of the most renowned African American artists in the country. She works primarily with acrylic paints, oil pastels, and acrylic ink on canvas and paper. It is clear from her artwork that her experiences as an African American living in the United States have been a significant influence on her work. Jess's work consists of portraiture, abstract collage and digital illustration. Her work can best be described as impressionistic, at times leaning towards contemporary art illuminated by texture and inspired by black childhood and life.

Her colorful work shows poetic moments in life, capturing the true essence of her subjects so that it may allow us time to pause and reflect. As an assistant professor in the Department of Health Studies, Jessica Owens-Young focuses on health equity, structural racism, maternal and infant health, and the public health workforce.

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