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Brad Varsity Links with Futuristic for Kuzco.

Starting off with Futuristic in a nice living room about to turn on the flat screen TV, the camera zooms into the the television to announce "KUZCO" and then appears Brad Varsity rapping on a roof, next to a fence, riding a Motocross bike and then in various seats of air planes in a hangar.

"They laughed when I said I want to rap at 22, cool look at where they at since we got out of school, do everything that I said I was gonna do Kuzco, the emperor got his groove back" proceeding into strings of bars about his past and how he started in this music business.

The scenery of the music video is arid and desert filled. Brad Varsity and Futuristic are at separate locations until the end of the music video when Brad Varsity comes in for one last verse showing off his more technical skills after Futuristic's signature chopping. The middle bridges are more or less two hooks put together to connect their long verses, which was an interesting and unique structure choice for hip hop composition, I can dig it.

The theme of the song is a standard rap vehicle, ie getting back on track to success, and staying consistent with making moves and accomplishing goals. In the case of the hip hop game its quite often about expanding presence, filling the bank account, and making good music. Brad Varsity and his feature the famed Futuristic encapsulate these thematics perfectly.

Notable references that stuck out are Brad Varsity's lines in his last more uptempo verse in reference to Sputnik and Russians..."Pulling on y'all like Russians, moving on y'all like Sputnik", its an out there reference that I haven't heard before so I give it props.

Overall this is a solid project curated by Brad Varsity; his recruiting of Futuristic for a speedy verse, high production video quality and editing, along with good lines that still allow you to vibe with the music, will make this piece of content go far! Views are at 16.5K+ and counting! Keep up the dope work Brad Varsity!

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