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C-Lance Recruits Novatore, Rittz, and Cryptic Wisdom For Super Collab!

If you're familiar with C-Lance than you know he puts out thick albums featuring some of the most talented and legendary rappers both in the underground and mainstream! His latest single features Chicago heavy hitter Novatore, Strange Music roster artist Rittz, and Tuscon Arizona rhymer Cryptic Wisdom.

Mixing all these rap styles together into one grungy, hard core, midwest chopping, rock like rap record, C-Lance's ability to curate top notch recording artists for his compositions is nothing short of amazing. A "Total Disaster" is what happens when you put these 3 rappers on a record together with C-Lance's dirty beats, piano progressions, and guitar power chords... its clear that C-Lance is a producer through and through, not just a beat maker!

Cryptic Wisdom starts the record off with the first verse and he's also on the hook, giving this hip hop record a little bit of drawn out rock vocal flare. It's really refreshing to listen to! Rittz takes the 2nd progression with a pure chopping verse cutting right through. Last but not least Chicago's Novatore takes the anchor verse and ends this track with an impeccably structure. After Novatore wraps up his 16, C-Lance dwindles his composition down to the bare piano starting with tailing off the power guitar chords.

Seeing these 3 emcees from all over the country get on the same record together, especially being next to Rittz, should inspire any hungry and hard working emcee. And if you're a Chicago artist, take notes in how Novatore moves, he's one to watch as he steadily expands his presence in the world.

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