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Chicago Songstress Welles Maddingly Drops Industrial House Record "Quaker".

A track with a driving rhythmic section with what can be described as a whisper like "hahahaha" coming after a twice repeated refrain by the beautifully high voiced Welles Maddingly, this song is a vibe you'll want to bump a few times over for its clear uniqueness.

The record feels very Chicago, also a little Tyler The Creator-ish if that makes sense, it has the house drums and the grungy bass that seem to push the instrumental forward along with a slight metallic clanging reminiscent of sounds you would hear in a factory or city. The production of this record is spot on and Welles' distinctly high pitched voice cuts through the mix effortlessly. There's also a light analog vinyl like buzz in the background that gives the track an extra richness to it.

The song features Ichabod Crane whom I can only wonder might be an alter ego of sorts but I digress, Welles voice paired with the laughing, claps, and multi rhythms of the instrumental make for an awesome record. Welles voice reminds me of Tones and I, another distinctly different high pitched timbre that hits you immediately and you're left bound to remember.

Welles Maddingly has been dropping some consistent tunes lately and it should be commended! Make sure to stream her songs "Maddingly", "The Illusionist", "Shuggie", as well as her feature on the Mike Meraz record, "Mimes". We're excited to hear more Welles Maddingly on Creative Roots!

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