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Toronto's CMagic5 Heals Breakups via "Game Boy"

If you’re looking for some refreshing pop punk today look no further than CMagic5, a Toronto based band and recording artists whom I recently discovered via an IG group. CMagic5 is fronted by the beautiful and dark haired C, who belts with an Alto Power, strong chords in the composition, and a rockstar get up, fit for the song, genre, and vibe.

The song Game Boy is about a fuck boi and their “8 Bit bullshit” put so poignantly by the front woman of CMagic5 who goes by “C”. Game Boy makes references, allusions, and analogies, to the idea of this shitty behavior through the guise of pocket video game culture. The music video is edited with text that looks cut out of magazines from the 90s. Aesthetically this channels some flavor of early Avril Lavigne, sonically it’s even more pleasing considering the vocals of CMagic5 are still uniquely their own even if you’re able to pinpoint distinct influences. I’m not used to such a powerful pop punk vocal range; the music and visuals are impressive.

C describes Game Boy as a 3 minute crash course on how to get over a breakup, according to Rolling Stone India…Game Boy is the lead single from her upcoming album also titled Game Boy and it’s a sure fire hit, especially for any fan of the pop punk genre. The song addresses a toxic ex lover, and C wanted to stand up to misogynistic relationship standards with a rebellious attitude. I think the idea that a woman can be treated as just another level to obtain or a video game to beat

(and how that’s bullshit) cuts through well in the lyricism. Game Boy will have you feeling incredibly empowered in just one listen.

Look out for the full album Game Boy coming soon, with the lead single and music video to Game Boy available everywhere! CMagic5 is geared up for an amazing run in 2024.

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