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Cruz Ocho and Just Wise Join Forces to Create "Highest Low", New Chicago Rap Duo

I love duos and groups in hip hop, I used to be in one myself so seeing collaboration on that level I have the utmost respect for. Chicago rappers Cruz Ocho and Just Wise have combined to form Highest Low with their debut single "Supafly" featuring J. Arthur from their album "Noir". Noir is fully produced by Maker and the LP came out on July 7th 2023.

The music video is directed by Marky Valencia which premiered on August 15th, 2023. Supafly has the emcees drop a verse each with the hook crooned by J. Arthur.

Just Wise raps "I just took the top off like Ichabod Crane, parking lot pimping I don't even need a chain!" referring to a convertible whip and possibly a sneaky link. Later he says "I just pulled a rabbit out a hat, put some diamonds in my ear, human made up on my back! I think this is a suave way of displaying and talking about some fresh gear and a dope lifestyle brand. These emcees bring some nice Southern flare mixed with Chicago flows, an original hip hop sound that is amalgamated from distinct influences. For me as a listener its a pleasure of a record given the production quality and early 2000's mainstream hits feeling. Bump Highest Low in the car for a similar effect you get when viewing the sweet ride in Supafly.

Cruz Ocho raps "Thinking that I'm Jamie Foxx, she hits me with a booty call, I'm a get the job done right when duty call!" is a risque line that's also memorable and funny, I enjoy the comedic relief Cruz Ocho brings to his bars, he's smooth yet still witty. I enjoy the dynamic in these rappers attitudes too; as a pair their music is DOPE and MARKETABLE, their styles are cohesive and well meshed. Cruz Ocho also drops lines like "love making money when it come to entertainment, trying get a couple more commas in my statement, damn we came a long way from rapping in the basement!" which speak to all the recording artists and rappers, a relatable feeling taking your craft from humble foundational beginnings to a level where you're seeing revenue from your work. And with this visual, I can feel that energy!

In the music video you'll see the duo glide around in the convertible, clean performance shots, with close up b-roll of specific collectible items like Star Wars figurines such as the ATAT, shopping for pristinely wrapped limited edition Jordans, later you'll see embroidered patches and badges of classic hip hop icons, and finally showcasing hip hop action figures of the famous Snoop Dogg, the late Big Pun, and the late Notorious BIG.

If you need to put yourself in the mindset to get to the bag today, while also enjoying yourself, bump Supafly by Highest Low (Just Wise + Cruz Ocho)!

Filmed and edited by Marky Valencia @markyvalenciia_az

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