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CockyKidd aka IAmArtGod of OTKST Society is a Painter, Arts Entrepreneur, Father, and Rapper.

You might be familiar with the man at the Overly Dedicated events by Ever Evolved who whips up canvas art in his distinctive style that blends urban graffiti culture, with abstract geometric shapes. Essentially one could say his aesthetic is muralist graffiti meets the geometric abstraction movement AND neo-expressionism influenced by the late Jean-Michel Basquiat himself! There’s something uniquely Chicago about his canvas work, and something that hits you immediately upon viewing. IAmArtGod can paint these works in front of crowds on the spot! It is always immediately impressive when a visual artist and painter can do their craft in real time in front of a live audience! As someone thats not a master of improv and more-so needs ample prep time, seeing artists crank out their craft under pressure say the least.

IAmArtGod has his own exhibition and event “The Greatest Art Show” on July 15th at Empirical Brewery. He will be showcasing all his amazing art works and you might possibly see him perform music live to an audience, besides being able to paint he’s a talented rapper and recording artist.

All of IAmArtGod’s art work is for sale!! Make sure to DM him and inquire about his prices. Also find his musical work on Spotify, specifically making appearances on League Champs Volume 1.


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