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Creative Spotlight on Los Angeles Based Dancer, Trainer, and Choreographer Alexa Giacinto

Updated: May 1, 2021

Dancer, personal trainer, and choreographer Alexa Giacinto is making tremendous waves in the Los Angeles entertainment scene with her weekly dance classes that she releases on IG+YouTube as well as her work with clients at Royal Personal Training, and her dance clips on Reels and TikTok, a few of which have done viral numbers!

Her personality is positive and infectious daily, while her work ethic and personal trainer/dance grind is nothing but impressive. It's amazing how much content she can produce in week, it's all very inspiring, entertaining, and informative considering her abundant fitness knowledge.

If she's not teaching a dance class and improving the skill sets of her peers, or training LA's models, dancers, actors, and socialites, she's probably out with her friends enjoying all the immersive activities that Los Angeles has to offer.

It's wonderful to see Alexa being such a natural leader in the LA dance and fitness scene, taking on the responsibility of coaching and choreographing isn't easy!

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