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Creative Spotlight: Yung Bullet

I had the pleasure of meeting Yung Bullet while working a brand ambassador job in Logan Square. This was an incredibly temporary job for the both of us, seeing as how we both were making use of our talents on our own accord. Bullet broke down to me how he’s versatile and a jack of many trades. Bullet had a special infectious energy, knowledgeable about a great many things, and quicker than anyone I’ve met that is into similar fields.

From his Instagram you will notice how he’s insanely gifted as a 3D animator. His character creations paired with action oriented animations are second to none in the Chicago industry. On top of this Bullet is a gifted photographer, and a SAG-AFTRA stuntman!!

If Bullet isn’t doing photoshoots for gorgeous Brazilians, hitting death defying stunts on film sets, or animating badass characters; you might be able to find him practicing Kung Fu and martial arts in Chinatown on a bendy rubber black top (just in case someone falls).

Reach out to Yung Bullet today if you need any animation work, fight choreography, photography, or stunts!!

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