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Cristina Mackey Unleashes Her Inner G.

West Coast based starlet and songstress Cristina Mackey releases a 7 track record called Inner G. A perfect blend of sensual yet boss woman gangster like vibes. Cristina Mackey is vulnerable because she wants to be, and only because she wants to be, and that theme shines through in the record entirely. Also, quite notable is her feature from the legendary recording artist and rapper, The Game, on track 3 "Bad Mistake".

Intro record is titled "Champagne Lip" and you can hear Cristina Mackey through a megaphone filter say "Let me pop my shit, you can't make a bitch hot like this." She's definitely going to be on her independent, get your cake up, Hot Girl type energy, except in Cristina Mackey's case its her Inner G.

Track 2 Fever is a song where Cristina Mackey explains how she's already living a luxurious lifestyle and she can change your life as a man and not the other way around. A dope switch up of the usual man bragging about how he can take a woman on a trip, here she's saying "my body giving you fever, like you around but I don't need ya" because she's already living the high life. Based off her vibe and sex appeal she's a lot more lyrical and poetic in her music than you'd expect, and an artist that breaks expectations and stereotypes is awesome.

"This life is like rehearsal got to die to see the stage, the secrets universal if you learn that you are brave." ~Cristina Mackey on track 5, "Sage"~

Track 3 she features The Game which must have cost a pretty penny, to put that lightly. Its probably one of the best tracks on the project. The Game's verse sounds timeless, while Cristina Mackey provides a catchy chorus with her signature auto-tune glaze.

If you're a fan of Jhene Aiko, Megan Thee Stallion, and Aliyah, you'll love Cristina Mackey. The 7 track project flows seamlessly and you'll be done with the record and starting it over before you even know it. Also, shouts out to all the amazing engineering on this album as well! Keep working Cristina Mackey!

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