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Deen Akbar Explores Legacy in “Flowers”

Flowers upon you, they wait until you die to throw flowers upon you,”

Deen Akbar aka the RapGod of Chicago’s South side is depicted performing his new single, Flowers, in what seems like a literature study meeting, and at a gravesite of a loved one.

With swooping slow motion shots, and an intensely performed track by Deen Akbar; Flowers is brought to life with Trent Reece Films behind the lens. Another student of the Tung Twista flow, Deen Akbar delivers 3 speed force solidified verses about life, death, legacy, the dark side of the music industry, and the idea that rappers always seem to get love and shine after they perish rather than when they’re here to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

In the video you can see some notable cameos from other heavy hitters in the Chicago hip hop community; during the scene where he is rapping in front of a semicircle group of people.

“Nobody really cares about in life what you’re going through, so they wait until you die to throw flowers upon you.”

If you’re a fan of the fast rap and complex lyrical variety you’ll enjoy having to revisit this record a few times over to catch every line and really internalize the words from Deen Akbar. He paints a stark picture of the reality presented to many who share his background and experiences, and in that he explores how legacy is affected after death with people swarming around that person as if they were supporting that artist during their time alive. A darker perspective and lesson that every artist will learn at some point in their career, and if not they’re incredibly lucky.

Flowers by Deen Akbar the RapGod is out now on YouTube and streaming everywhere on all DSPs.

Videographer - @TrentReeceFilmz | Song - Flowers

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