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Demrick Recruits Mike & Keys and Kay Franklin for Don't Look Down

Demrick with his old school west coast flow in tutelage of Xzibit comes in on this track with hard emotional bars where he references and explains some pertinent history.

"6 figures a year and that's the legal hustle, so you know I'm seeing double, I'm from the struggle, gotta keep it humble...Got some homies that I started with now they ain't here, I'm celebrating for you pour some liquor shed a tear."

The first verse from Demrick pierces you with this raw intensity and evokes this nostalgic sense of ghetto 90's experiences. Any fan of old school and golden era hip hop will immediately be infatuated with Demrick.

"For my mama working 60 hour weekdays, for my pops locked in prison on my G days..." The second verse cuts in with more reminiscing of another time where life was grittier. Demrick reminds the listener that he remembers and pays homage, respect, and love to his past, he doesn't hide it, he doesn't run from it. Demrick tells his past in his music and his fans love him all the more for it.

Produced by Mike & Keys, and featuring Kay Franklin, "Don't Look Down" by Demrick is streaming everywhere!

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