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Double Ontendre and Shujin Lee Combine for Super Soul Bros

Double Ontendre is an incredibly skilled emcee and lyricist. After performing a couple shows with him, I absolutely had to write about his latest project. Double Ontendre and Shujin Lee produced an 8 track record full of explosively fast raps, soulful beats with sultry feminine vocal samples and boom-bastic drums.

The first record on the project is an uptempo hit, the title of the song being a play on words of the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The song seems to be a thesis for his daily routine and how he likes to keep his life on a climactic roll of positive experiences. "I've got an overload of swag, I'm focused on collabs, where my bro sips on the golden so we both control the bag, hypnosis with the flow these bitches know this shit is bad as fuck!"

Following up that song is a little more rugged sound with "Big Dreams" a manifest success anthem of a hip hop track. This song makes you move your head back and forth. It reminds me of prime Jay-Z a little bit. A strong record you'll most likely find yourself putting on repeat for the vibe alone.

"Gettin It In" is a catchy song about how amazing it is make love to particular woman. "There's nothing like it getting it in with you!" repeats over the bouncy soulful instrumental. While the whole project retains much replay value this track alone will have you coming back to Super Soul Bros.

"Had to Happen", "Like Magnets", and "Hotel Motel" will take you on a popping ride of strong catchy hooks, dope rhymes, and Ontendre's signature flow and rhythm. If you're looking for a quick dose of Double Ontendre; I recommend starting with these records if you're too ADD for a front to back listen, but I highly suggest a full front to back first!

The last track on the record is a closing statement about Double Dontendre's life and future, the idea that he's here "To Stay", and he's not going anywhere anytime soon. His music and soulful expression is timeless.

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