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FulyKuly Gives Us All Some 'Clarity'

South Side Chicago hip hop artist Fuly Kuly takes a laid back melancholy vibe and approach to his single with a music video in “Clarity”.

Fuly Kuly can be seen walking around different south shore beaches rapping his track. “I was manifesting my dreams, high self esteem….“I never fall back I was with all that…thank god I didn’t get whacked” those were just a few of the well placed string of lines mentioning some darker times from his past. These lines culminate in the hook where he sings how he needs some clarity.

“I think I need some clarity!” The line echoes out as he sings it with a higher pitch. This music video song and project will quickly get you in your feels and memories in just under 3 minutes. We’re interested in seeing and hearing more music from Fuly Kuly!

*While also venturing into the other sides of music creation, such as production and engineering, FulyKuly has stayed very consistent as far as dropping content, with three mix tapes out not including his newest project “Pookie Jay”. He is a creative mind and a great performer with a bright future ahead of him in the music industry.*

*FulyKuly releases 'Clarity' giving us some J.Cole vibes on this track, music video Shot by ViciousVon & Shaundon production.*

*Fuly Kuly, known for his creative, wavy style of lyrics and the way he ride beats, was born January 4th in 1990. He is a rapper hailing from the south side of Chicago. Influenced by 90’s hip hop, r&b, soul, and new era trap and Drill. FulyKuly has been rapping for about 2 years. His sound is very versatile and can range from 90’s style boom bap rap to pop music and he can still keep up with the current sound of today’s rap music with no problem.*

*asterisk paragraphs are taken directly from Fuly Kuly's artist page are not owned by us*

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