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Get Your 2 Piece Here with Chops Diggity!

The cover art for Chops Diggity's latest single "2 Piece" features the Chicago rapper eating a Popeye's chicken breast, at a silver table, with an Arizona ice tea, two joints, and a lighter; all while being in the middle of the street. I like the attention grabbing concept!

The song is equally as intriguing as the cover art. Chops takes a sing rapping uptempo flow that sounds like its swelling, or bellowing in and out. It's a new unique melodic flow and style I feel that he unlocked because I've not heard him sound like this before and its a really progressive sounding vibe, I like it.

"It's just me and mary with this music that's a two piece I don't have no time for these goofies or these groupies" sings Chops, the record has some introspective lyricism throughout, it's easy to get lost in the winding, warping, hypnotic melody but there are many gems that are dropped along the way. "No cutting corners no truancy, middle finger if you're booing me, make mama proud is my duty!..." "people think that their shit don't stink but they're out here smelling like dookie!" Chops Diggity details promises he's kept to family members and loved ones, as well as noted certain types of individuals won't be receiving his energy anymore!

2 Piece is an electrifying and uniquely melodic hip hop track you should add to your playlist and keep on your devices for the offline listening sessions! Be on the lookout for more Chops Diggity surely to be coming soon as he stays consistent in the industry!


Cover Art Design by Daily Viision | Raeven - Ever Evolved - Leauge Champs

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