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Hi-Rez Pens a Letter to Mac.

Hi-Rez blew up years ago in 2012! He's been independent and doing his own thing for a while. Recently he put out a song to pay homage to the legacy of Mac Miller and how his presence and music in life shaped the artist that Hi-Rez is today.

The video shows Hi-Rez riding his sweet vintage wheels around Philadelphia, visiting Frick Park (Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park with Frick Park Market), Allderdice High School (Wiz and Mac Miller both attended) and performing his single about paying respects to Mac Miller. It's a touching and well done project, being serious and emotional on a record is always harder to pull off in my opinion because sometimes it's hard to translate those feelings with out coming off contrived, not Hi-Rez though.

Hi-Rez through his hard hitting lyricism brings up things about Mac Miller such as how if it wasn't for Mac's influence Hi-Rez would never have started smoking cannabis, rapping, and making music. He says no matter how big his own legacy gets, nothing can replace that of Mac Miller's. Hi-Rez talks about how he got some of his style from Mac including snap back wearing, and how Mac Miller passed on way to early at the young age of 26. Hi-Rez goes on to explain how he met Mac Miller in person, never got to feature him on a record, and how he's probably up in heaven making music with Sean Price RIP.

Hi-Rez gives Mac Miller his flowers, he wishes he had done it sooner when Mac was here but its better late than never. Rest In Peace Mac Miller and great work on an emotional and inspiring piece by Hi-Rez.


January 19, 1992 - September 7, 2018


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