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J.Cymone Soothes with Wait

Soulful West coast singer and recording artist J. Cymone emotionally moves fans and critics alike with her latest single, "Wait". A lovely soothing record having to do with a multitude of complexities and feelings in regards to a relationship.

"Finally figured out how to love you, I've gotten used to your skin...started to get easy to pull through, I send a sonnet to your ears" She begins the song with these lines which I assume are about finally opening up and loving her significant other along with the Shakespearean poetic reference. Her poetry and wordplay in relation to love is refreshing and brilliant. Her composition and lyricism makes for a single that absolutely glides the entire 2 and half minutes.

"I’m smoking weed again, I’m losing time again, Counting the days since we last, counting the days since we crashed, I’m getting over you, Been 6 months and 7 days, I’m getting over you, At least that’s what’s I say." The string of lyrics infer a sort of letting go, a spiraling away from the painful past.

The song, "Wait," I'm sure will have you feeling, thinking, and wondering different things yourself; my interpretation is only a perspective.

Art After Dark's Creative Roots is excitedly awaiting more new J. Cymone records as this one absolutely delights whilst also evoking some serious feels!

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