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Jason Channel

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Art After Dark has followed this amazing rapper for a few years now. Jason Channel hails from Orlando, Florida and has been breaking the streams with his song "WAVELENGTH" which just hit a Quarter of a Million streams on Spotify.

Click below to listen on Spotify:

Photo of Jason Channel

Not only is the song something to get wrapped up in the visual for, "Wavelength", is an amazing transport into the galaxies further and beyond. Its great to see a recording artist bring new ideas to us earthly beings.

It is easy to become a fan of this Time Traveler who beams through this industry with his unique and forever progressive sounds.

Jason Channel's space journey continues to move through time and give us countless bangers again and again. He gives the entertainment game a fresh new lens of creativity that is truly out of this world. His continued growth and milestones are what makes JASON CHANNEL A CHANNEL TO WATCH TO BE TUNED INTO.

INSTAGRAM: @jasonchannel_

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