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Kanye West, The Game, and the Surrealism Surrounding Eazy.

Art imitates life which then imitates art, or something like that. I can’t begin to imagine what Kanye West or Kim Kardashian are going through right now in the aftermath of their divorce. And to be quite honest I have more empathies reserved for Kanye because from the outside looking in; it seems like he’s having his family stripped from him. And by that thought I also can’t imagine why Pete Davidson would want to entangle himself in the dramatics that would ensue pursuing a relationship with a married woman of 4 children whose ex happens to be one of the best selling hip hop artists ever.

I guess it’s not something for me to understand. In the music video to the collaborative song Eazy between The Game and Kanye West, there’s a claymation depiction of the kidnapping, tying, decapitation, and burial of Pete Davidson.

Clearly the shock value is working and doing this project justice. I don’t think I’d ever beef with someone so far as to make that artistic decision in a music video, usually I’m just showing love to folks. But Kanye understands how to captivate the masses and using his unfortunate marital drama to his advantage could be genius marketing. Considering I wrote an article about it, one could say it’s working.

Seeing The Game dress EXACTLY like Kanye on Drink Champs was also hysterical and noteworthy to mention here. Watch the full music video and draw your own conclusion about the current Kanye West/Kim Kardashian drama and madness.

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