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Lost Beatbox Tape Recently Unearthed by Blaise Bullion.

Big Ole Lil Young Blaise's Lost Beatbox Files was put out by veteran Chicago emcee and prominent musician Blaise Bullion. This record is incredibly impressive being how 90% of everything you hear is made by Blaise's voice. The first tracks on the project are slightly reminiscent of Snoop Dogg meets a Timbaland style but also stripped back and Lo-Fi, basically the records sound like half improv half rigorously rehearsed jazz hop unplugged singles. The intricate melodies and rhythms of this project deserve an in depth and well analogized perspective.

Blaise Bullion's ability to combine his super lyrical style with these heavy bass beat box beats just helps the record flow effortlessly yet it still demands an amount of attention, his elevated craft is inspiring to fellow recording artist such as myself. "Get Ya Down" and "Music Making Guy" might be go to records if you decide to bump this out of order. Personally for this record I prefer a front to back listening experience. Track 7 "What Ya Flow Like feat. Dhan Dee" is a great example of Blaise's midwest chopping ability, a staple of some of the best Chicago rappers.

Other honorable mentions are the "Mom Song" for such full and lovely melodic vocal sound and "Byadadee (Freestyle Break)" for the complex journey and Moby like progression.

The raspy ambient hiss of the microphone can be heard on a few of the tracks from Beatbox Files giving this project an ere of authenticity that the most seasoned crate finders will appreciate. If you enjoy rich humming and low bass-baritone classical singing over beat boxing and amazing lyricism, you will be mind blown by this album. It's a surprisingly refreshing record and a hidden gem that deserves more attention.

Available on BANDCAMP:

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