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Mama Yaya Pierces the Soul with "Where Have Ya been?"

"Where Ya Been? You pray to god but walk with the Jinn". A line that strikes a powerful chord about people that sell the idea of morality but are all too immoral. Mama Yaya's music video to her single "Where Ya Been?" is layered with old footage of historic civil rights marches from around the world. "We're waiting, to finally be the land of the free!" she sings later on in the song, inferring that the USA has never actually been a place of equity, equality, and freedom for all, but only few and all too often, only those with money. Mama Yaya's soulful intense singing inspires much thought and self reflection about how one can be the change they wish to see in this world.

Mama Yaya - Where Ya Been? (Official Music Video)

On her website she lists a bunch of organizations that you can help and give back through donations.

Check out her website:


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