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Mark Narens Artist

Mark Narens is an Arizona based visual artist originally from Chicago with an aesthetic and style that I’ve doubt you’ve seen before. Think Hip-Hop meets Kandinsky and you might have scratched the surface in describing Mark Narens.

I’ve seen Mark Narens paint on almost any and everything. Purses, glass, backpacks, products in the Gucci line. As he likes to say, “Today I’m getting paid to fuck this up!“ Which basically means he’s going to do his signature painting style and designs on some fine Italian Leather.

Mark Narens is timeless and far from ageist. Having made friends with many artists his younger like myself; Narens understands and knows how to connect with the youth. Shortly before he moved out of the Black Couch Studio in Chicago I remember him allowing us to use his entire art space for a rap cypher video. The vibes were high and positive, always an atmosphere that Narens keeps consistent.

Lately he’s been posting his daily works and commissions from Sun Lakes, Arizona. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and peruse his colorful eclectic paintings many featuring humanoids dancing, expressing the soul and spirit of being alive.

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