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MC Stanley Ipkuss’s New Album, “Among Other Things” Is an Exquisite Haunting Of The Past.

“Among Other Things'' is producer and MC, Stanley Ipkuss’s latest project and although

the title may come across as a bit vague, the symbolism behind it is anything but. The

phrase, “among other things'' is usually used to communicate details or extra

information that has remained unsaid .The many things that are never spoken, force a

person into the past - granting the present and future extinct for the time being. Ipkuss’

flow is like a hidden message in a bottle, drifting, lost at sea - the poetic cadence to his

flow compliments his nostalgic instrumentals like dessert wine. Tracks that Ipkuss

decided to make purely instrumental such as “spiced apple cider” and “soda night” act

as a palette cleanser to the overall listening experience of the album - influences of jazz,

soul, and hip--hop simmer amongst one another like a love potion.

These are genres and sounds that possess so much history, which only further pushes

the theme of a haunting of the past. “Among Other Things” feels like perusing an old

vinyl shop for an afternoon or sitting for far too long and far too late into the night at a

coffee shop. The approach to the bars and lyricism mirror an energy of fearless

sensitivity - self reflection is evident and beaming. Throughout this project Ipkuss is

getting a lot off his chest, speaking directly to the youth and his generation of artists in

which expressing emotions and vulnerability are considered a weakness. Tracks like

“user not found” and “ghost” represent the many ways our generation fails or is unable

to fully communicate and express our emotions, or perhaps even simply unwilling.

This act of putting on a front, to mask authenticity with superficiality are the hidden

skeletons of Ipkuss’s past experiences with others that he is illuminating. The theme of

interrogating the past is not only evident in his lyricism, but also sets the foundation for

the project sonically. Female artists, Jada Imani, Stoney Creation, and Lucy Camp, are

notable features on the project as well. On track, “unevakno” the beat mirrors an old

western film, old-school blues strings wailing like a hound dog. Ipkuss gives Imani the

whole stage, as she raps about the circle of life ancestral trauma, the reliving of our

ancestor’s experiences in our waking reality. She spits, “I’m talking bout high stakes,

when your mama panther black and your daddy got blind rage. You're a product of the

free-way your grand-daddy paid.”

On the track, “do ya thang” Stoney Creation sings effortlessly on the hook, “lil mamma,

do ya thang, mama, do ya thang now” over R&B inspired piano keys. Ipkuss raps on

the second verse, “I’m just waiting on the past to go and heal itself, not reveal itself.

“Among Other Things” showcases Ipkuss exploring the past through a kaleidoscope

lens rather than a magnifying glass towards the end of the project. No longer looking

into the past with such focus, but rather looking to the hazy colors of the future.

Click to follow and listen to the entire album:

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