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Mic Logik Pens Epic Sophomore Release in "As I Was Saying".

Sophomoric release As I Was Saying by Chicago's Mic Logik is jam packed full of incredibly well composed hip hop records. From beats, to mixes, to hooks, and verses; the composition of As I Was Saying is impeccable, impressive, and above all thought provoking. Recruiting an all star lineup to accompany the release, Mic Logik lands Willow Wells, WRDS, IAMGAWD, Ronesh, Kastaway, IDEALRAPS, Doc Wattson, Krystall Scarlet, and ThrowEmC.

Mic Logik begins the album with the titular record As I Was Saying featuring Willow Wells where he drops a serious verse referencing racial injustice "Now we don't know about this vaccine, but we know the cops are still killing black teens". "I know you're tired of hearing race this and race that, but until you face this, you can't erase that." Willow Wells comes in with a soothingly soulful voice singing about "time going so swiftly", and Mic Logik follows with strong vocals himself, there's a lot more Mick Logik singing on this record than his previous release and I'm all here for it (shout out the engineering help from A.Quality at The Hit Shop).

Whiskey On The Rocks is another one of those records featuring Mic Logik's diversified skill set, containing a catchy upbeat hook, and lines like "I just found another grey hair supposedly that makes me wise, cause father time don't play fair." This song is fantastic and I could definitely see this getting radio spins. You'll be surely playing this record back again because its a feel good hit!

We Live featuring WRDS and IAMGAWD is the most technically impressive record on the album. 5 minutes of 3 elite emcees dropping unbelievable 32 bar verses with crazy fast flows. This record is reminiscent of those high level Busta Rhymes or Tech N9ne collaborations where every rapper is going their hardest to compete and out rap one another. The hook sing rapped by Mic Logik ties the complex verses together nicely. A+ on this track, highly regarded.

So Low consists of more impressive Mic Logik crooning. This song hits home, dealing with depression and self isolation for not wanting to bring others' down with your problems. "I don't want to get up out of bed, my back is hurting so its time to pop another med." The chorus lines read "I do the best that I can when the shit hits the fan and things don't go as planned, I guess I am what I am, cause when I'm high I'm high, when I'm low I'm so low, that's why I just want to be alone, and I don't wanna hurt nobody I don't wanna grow cold, I'm just dealing with some shit you don't even know, some days are better than others, I can't pull myself out of the gutter, living life in limbo, hope goes out the window, but that's the way it has to be until I find another, these dark clouds they always will hover, I'll sleep it away under the covers, no I'm not ok but I promise I'll be fine, I realize that its all in my mind."

On the track No More, Mic Logik recruits UK artist and songstress Krystal Scarlet for a classic relationship turmoil record about not wanting to fight "no more". A perfect song to play consecutively after So Low. Mic Logik has always been known for tearing the microphone up lyrically but this album really expresses his natural singing ability and vocal range. Bump this song for well sung choruses and lyricism that examines intensely specific and relatable relationship scenarios (such as getting booted from the bedroom to have to sleep on the couch).

The Interlude record is essentially Mic Logik talking a lot of shit over a heavy bass line beat that sounds western. Under a minute of pure wordplay from the veteran emcee.

80/94 featuring Ronesh has a west coast vibe; probably because its about joyriding and cruising paired with a funky bass line. Ronesh also reminds me of Warren G. This record is really interesting, a partial deviation of sound from the rest of the album but it still works and fits completely. Any west coast hip hop fan will find this record quite appealing.

Linking once again with Kastaway on the track It Seems So Simple. Mic Logik sings the hook while he and Kastaway add a verse each. A chill relaxing record to smoke and vibe to with upbeat flows yet intense lyrics having to do with racial injustice. A solid entry into the Mic Logik-Kastaway collaborations with political-social commentary hitting hard as always.

Dreams is a solo effort by Mic Logik where he seems to drop his mission statement, mantra, or opus. Sampling a lecturer about the scientific and psychological nature of dreams. Mic Logik drops dope rhymes such as "My dreams are manifested, starving artists damn near anorexic, but if your music doesn't feed my soul I can't digest it." and "The land's infested with mass deception and scammed elections, we repress oppression and scared to look at our damn reflection."

Slice is a nice little jazzy beat with Mic Logik starting the track off rapping about his back injury leading into lines about being grateful for simple things in life and not needing the whole pie, "I don't want the whole pie, I just want a slice". Mic Logik receives verse support from IDEALRAPS and Doc Wattson who offer emotionally deep prose themselves. He ends the record dedicating Slice to his cousin Dan and thanking him for always holding him down.

Mic Logik ends the epic hip hop album with Hold You Down featuring ThrowEmC who shares the hook with Logik. An uplifting exit and finish to the 11 track LP; "If you hold me up, I'm a hold you down, I'm a hold you down, yeah I'm a hold you down" is repeated as both the emcees hit high pitches over the instrumental. Mic Logik's verses detail the different people in his life that he comes through for and supports.

As I Was Saying features the best wordplay and lyricism I've heard from the elite rapper combined with top notch features, production, hooks, and impressively sung choruses! Every song on the album is enjoyable with multiple hits and bops, catchy refrains, and upbeat fast verses that will make you wide eyed. Get in tune with the Chi-Native Entertainment emcee's sophomore entry to his catalog in As I Was Saying, currently available on all DSPs.


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