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NAC David's My Way Home

As an avid hip hop remix artist myself, seeing other artists get inspired by older music to then remix it in their own unique fashion is something that I’ll always enjoy!

NAC David brings the lyrical acumen once again in his latest drop to Kanye’s My Way Home record! Paired with a music video shot by iFStevie using an old 90's camcorder and a regular digital camera, NAC David shares a plethora of interesting and thought provoking poetic content.

“They’re saying home is where the hate is, stagnant is the basis , and if you’re wanting more you’re subjected to the shading.” “Love turns to envy, many entertain it and they telling all their friends you gotta be overrated.”

Off the bat NAC kicks off the track with this string of lines that has me reminiscing back to the days when I could barely rap and everybody clowned me for it. Looking back; had I not thirsted for more and strove for greatness I wouldn’t be where I am now. And I love where I am now and hearing these lines from NAC David helps remind me that it was all worth it.

“Solid gold sitting inside of my soul related to the armor of the cross your energy gets negated, copper gold plated that’s basic, come proper when you step into the man that came from your alma Mater, trying kick it like soccer, already did that.”

This combination of lines is a bit more esoteric and harder to comprehend, but I always say that something you can’t understand immediately which needs to be examined makes for better writing and poetry. Think Gertrude Stein or John Ashbery vs writers that generally are easier to absorb. What I think he means with this part of his prose is that he’s of sound mind and spirit, both morally and in his intentions. He also references playing soccer at the school he was attending so I think he’s confident in his accomplishments as a man while still striving for more. I also think of holy water and crosses being weapons that ward off vampires and in NAC David’s case he stays from soul sucking energy vamps who try to kick it like soccer because he’s already done that so he’s good on the time wasting.

“Home is a not place, it’s where you can feel centered.” NAC David ends his long verse with this introspective statement before Kanye’s sample on My Way Home comes back in. Walking around the city of Cocoa Village Florida, NAC David leaves you pondering your idea of home and if you can ever really get back there, or if it’s within you; perhaps it was never gone to begin with.

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