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OG Denzo is Back with Latest EP, Denzo Parker.

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

A uniquely sounding Chicago rapper who always impresses me with his style is OG Denzo. Dropping a 4 pack track EP with Sherrell the Artist on the intro record, Iso; Denzo Parker is a lyrically heartfelt and melancholic take on new wave hip hop. Entirely refreshing is the introspective attitude that OG Denzo expresses throughout the short but sweet project.

The project starts off with his feature with Sherrell the Artist focusing on a central theme of not letting people and drugs rule your life in the song Iso. OG Denzo’s autotune crooning is cleaner sounding than a lot of mainstream radio hip hop and he does a great job of having his emotion cut through the track. I enjoy when rappers get out of their comfort zone and experiment with their voice, especially when it translates beautifully. Balling Out Cntrl is a similar song in feeling and attitude which tells me that OG Denzo is really carving out his niche sound, important to do to separate oneself as a recording artist.

“Had some homies fly away, when I'm alone it hurts so deep but I won’t cry today.” OG Denzo sings about lost friends he grew up with that were killed, and he'll remember them but right now he doesn’t have time to feel pain, cry, or grieve; right now he needs to hustle. A solemn but relatable line in terms of being a man in this society. A lot of men don’t get to adequately process their emotions, too much financial burden is usually at stake, men have to provide, and if they don’t they’re useless (that’s how society makes us feel).

It’ll Be Okay is the final record on the project that cements OG Denzo’s lyrically deep and crooning hip hop style that finds its own lane completely within the realm of hip hop. If you’re a fan of new wave I recommend OG Denzo for his harder hitting and relatable lyricism, his music isn’t for the self indulging turn up, rather his music is for the self reflective hustler. If you’re drowning in the Chicago blues, bump OG Denzo.

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