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OnCue Pens Sonic Letter to His Late Mother with Headphones in Heaven

OnCue recently dropped the incredibly cathartic music video to Headphones in Heaven. This song is a heartfelt message to his late mother who passed away around 5 years ago. The song and visual both convey a strong feeling of nostalgia and wishing those we loved were still here with us.

The visual to Headphones in Heaven features clips from his mother’s wedding video that OnCue recently recovered from his aunt. He had never seen this footage before and I can imagine editing your own music video with footage from your late mother can only be emotionally taxing, and extremely difficult.

OnCue sings a powerful hook with lines such as “This my confession I've been countin' days, and not my blessings I don't even know where it all went wrong (yeah) Somehow you still teaching me these lessons” in reference to his mother and feeling the ethereal weight of the love she bestowed upon him.

Hip hop tracks that honor thy mother aren’t anything considerably new to hip hop, but these sorts of records offer insight to the realities of our favorite artists and the relationships they hold close. OnCue raps “Last month you came to me in a dream It's like you knew this been weighing on me At a show, I told you I wasn't performin' And damn you looked so disappointed That look on your face had me wakin' up cryin”....these lines infer a solidified support system that his mother most likely held for OnCue growing up, from how he describes his dream, she would never want him to stop rapping, singing, and making music. This bond is well described through-out the record and makes a listener have a deeper respect and admiration for OnCue. Opening up about your love for someone, always creates a vulnerability, and if you’re a fan of OnCue then you’d know he doesn’t shy away from becoming emotional, intimate, and melancholic on his songs.

Headphones in Heaven is the last track on OnCue’s latest project, a 5 song EP titled, Bench Pressing My Ghosts. Bench Pressing My Ghosts hit all DSPs on November 18th 2022.


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