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Peer Into the Mind of Infinit3 In His Titular Record

Chicago rapper and producer Infinit3 turns heads and surprises all with a jam packed record of 20 tracks, fully mixed and mastered by himself with co production help from a variety of hard working talented up and coming artists, producers, and engineers. Infinit3 recruits Larcin, Majin Inca, and JoSan as vocal features, Nate Broski, Leek Music, and himself on the beats, with some vocals captured by RhymSter of Ever Evolved. Artwork was done by the talented Aeophex.

Infinit3 begins the album with a diary-like poetic entry in track 1 “It Was All A Dream.” “I walk alone in this life, this just a rough draft, tear the page off the spine, the pen and pad jammed, adjust my aim to the sky, and see the stars mad.” The whole song feels like an introspective diary entry about the current point he’s at in his life. “The journey’s so amazing, I’m just enjoying views.”

Pens Wept begins with a melancholic guitar chord progression. Infinit3 brings a sing-rap melody on the hook to this record with intensely emotional verses. “These songs cry they hold tears with no feelings” this line stands out as being descriptive of the entire track. Infinit3 deeply expresses himself lyrically in his album’s first two tracks.

“As I Vent’ represents that quintessential struggling artist narrative to life in Infinit3’s third entry to his Mind Of Infinit3 LP. “When the times seem the hardest, under pressure you’ll find glue, and hold it all together to come out the bigger you.” This is a powerful rap record where Infinit3 also details how much time he spends working and how many moments he has to miss out on with his son because he has to financially make ends meet.

R-I-D-E has a slow viby auto-tuned crooning hook where Infinit3 comes in with uptempo verses. The production reminds me of Miami nights in the 80s/90s. The whole song is filled with car driving puns, entendres, and how they relate to living out the hip hop+rap lifestyle.

Track 5 is titled Departure and seems to be a Jhene Aiko sample, maybe, either way a strong choice. Listening to the record front to back, this has to be my favorite song from a lyrical and technical standpoint. Infinit3 goes and chops a great flow on this track, I love when rappers pick up the pace. “Get it , We on it, and no one gonna fumble, build up the pieces, no way we gonna crumble, money ain’t change me my thoughts always humble, know that shit change if you talking a muzzle, glued all the pieces completed the puzzle, fit the whole picture to frame and hold it up to, document journeys we live and hustle, stuck in the lab, spaceship taking off soon!” Hearing this and running it back over and over really does it for a fanatic of speed myself.

Silver Lining is another track where Infinit3 keeps the rhythm at a more uptempo pace. This song is a love ballad of sorts, solid verses across a romantically spacey instrumental. “Take the hands of time and your hands held” is repeated and echoed out to the record. Infinit3 is unique for imbuing each of his records with a heavier melancholic vibe and feeling.

In Bits of My Art is an interesting song carrying a video game-like solemn melody, and Infinit3 comes in with a vocal effect on his voice to sound low bass and then the timber changes another two times from there. Creative sonic decisions that I enjoyed. “I give you my soul in bits of my art.” is the theme and slogan that represents this composition.

“Phone call man i'm too busy, honestly i'm just getting high.” I enjoy when rappers spit hyper realistic bars that I can especially relate to, not answering the phone because you’re high. And for me it's usually anxiety based. Late Night is another entry on this album where Infinit3 brings his technique with the flow. “Move with a mask like a ninja, be silent, I’ll take out the pen and assign the assignment. Bump Late Night while smoking late night for some raw energy and solid rapping.

The Message we hear Infinit3 take a more relaxed flow for this record. This song isn’t as emotionally heavy as some of the previous tracks but Infinit3 still wastes no time in delivering emotionally piercing lines such as… “Seems like I’m damaged goods, don’t mean I can’t be great, I'm where i am today, with my decided fate”.

Keep Going features Chicago rapper Larcin who is also another uniquely sounding and talented artist, and another favorite of mine on this LP. Infinit3 hits an uptempo flow and rides the beat nicely on this track, impressive. Larcin starts rapping in Polish and blows my mind. And then halfway through his verse you start hearing these insanely falsetto notes being sung.

Kickin Jaws featuring Majin Inca again impresses me because right away we hear Infinit3 killing it with the double time rapping and outdoing previous records on this LP. Majin Inca later comes in with an equally double time fast flow.

Real-Toast Infinit3 switches up the flow again and raps with a more ominous whisper rap rhythm. Lyrically Infinit3 brings it again, “Can whispers give life, I give it my all, it's still not enough, I’m breathing this fire they think it's a bluff.”

Hydro Plane is another record featuring Larcin who previously rapped in Polish on Keep Going. “Looking at how the times done change, sitting on the summit watch me hydroplane, get done cooked till the spark turned flame, lil name groups stand tall no cap, swerving through the city en route no map, looking how he moving hold it run that back…” If you need a DOPE hook to jump to on a record with a cool ass vibe, I recommend bumping Hydro Plane.

E-N-V-I-O-U-S featuring JoSand NateBroskii is a dope club banger type record featuring deep sung rap flows from the Chicago trio collaboration. T

Falling is another melancholic lyrical record from Infinit3, I like how he can hit this vibe so well and consistently. “Cause way too young to see that timeline slit, from uppercut you know that lifeline snip”... two long verses encompass this dark grungy track where Infinit3 has a sickly chip on his shoulder. You’ll hear the difference in his voice on this record.

Drifting Away has another high pitched lady vocal sample, as I’ve listened to this LP front to back it's incredible just how technical Infinit3 gets on this album track by track. The first 5 records don’t do Infinit3 justice with the skill level he has as a rapper and what level he REALLY is at. Put some respect on the name!

Money has a nice fat beat to it, Infinit3 hits a hard flow talking about the woes, groans, and problems with juggling and trying to manage money. This topic is as universal as the art form but yet the topic never gets stale especially when you approach compositions like Infinit3.

Infinit3 takes a tenderer tonality on this record, a more intimate sound and flow. “Look in the mirror locking eyes with what was looking back, I saw a grave 6 feet under they not coming back.” A line of specifically dark and stark attitudes, Infinit3 is quite separate from most rappers in that he’s not afraid to really express true raw emotions, deep thoughts about himself, and his life on the record. Once again I must say track by track this album grows on you because you can hear literal explosions in skill and melody from front to back. The latter 10 tracks will make you rethink what you previously thought about Infinit3.

Hourglass is a strong epic and lengthy ballad from the Chicago emcee. The downward electric guitar melody is haunting and Infinit3 brings a tone and flow that matches the vibes of this instrumentation perfectly. This track might have you shed a tear if you’re not careful. Seriously…if you’re not careful. “I’m talking beauty to the T, the way you leave them speechless, wonder why I walk around; I always seem to speak less, cause these words they hold me prisoner. I guess they my weakness, always give them too much thought why they come out breathing.”

Infinit3 wraps up the 20 track long LP and brings it home with “Home”, a calm way to end Mind of Infinit3. If you’re not familiar with Infinit3 I recommend you giving him a chance. You'll be surprised with his technique on the rhymes, his emotion and real, raw lyrics. You’ll enjoy his authentic Chicago sound, his features, compositions, and how he philosophizes within his music. Quite brilliantly raw material that once polished will see nationwide critical acclaim. I’m excited to see where Infinit3 takes this.

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