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Producer Profile: O.G Poe.

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

O.G. Poe is a producer, rapper, and musician from the Chicagoland area. He's been rapping for over 20 years, producing for over 10 years, and he's been a performing and studio musician nearly his entire life!

Recently being accepted into the Timbaland Beat Club, O.G. Poe is working on soliciting new opportunities and licensing deals with his vast back catalog of instrumentals. He's an actual instrument playing musician so much of his musical production features live instrument recordings!

O.G. Poe has garnered a name and solid attention for himself in the Chicago music industry; his placements include songs with artists such as Chops Diggity, Mustafa, BeatrixKiddo, RMB Justize, including sessions and works with Beastmode, and Shax. He's been featured as part of Ever Evolved's Overly Dedicated showcase series. O.G. Poe has also opened up for hip hop legend, Layzie Bone on September 2021 in Joliet, he earned this through his performance at Nico Carreno's Airwaves Showcase series that gives away legendary opener performance slots.

O.G. Poe is a versatile producer with an ear for high level composition and making drums sound live, analog, and not over compressed. If you're a recording artist looking for new beats or to build with a new producer; I recommend O.G. Poe and his company PoeProDuctions.

*Photos by Anthony Goslawski*


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