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RappaHeartless Makes His Return with Generational Wealth

Generational Wealth

RappaHeartless has gone through a few different evolutions to become the rapper that he is today. His latest upcoming album, “Generational Wealth” is an 8 track hip hop storytelling based narrative LP. The beats are wavy with modern sounds, but something about them reminds me of the Vice City soundtrack or Miami Vice. RappaHeartless brings a cool, calm, and collected demeanor to this record whereas past RH might have just been wanting to go hard on the instrumentals the whole time. This side of RappaHeartless is ultra lyrical, in the pocket consistent rhythms, telling stories about taking care of his family, his children, what happened while he was grinding in his earlier 20s, mistakes he’s made, as well as wins he’s accomplished, and the incredible things he’s been able to do as a successful entrepreneur.

Perhaps I am biased since I share a lot of musical history with one of my best friends on this planet, my brother who’s helped me succeed more than just about anyone, but the growth in this album, and the experiences he’s had over the years are well told in the 8 track project. He only features 2 recording artists in the Chicago rapper KayJ, and songstress, the GoldenChild. They bring complimentary flavor to the new polished RappaHeartless sound but they don’t overshadow any aspect of his sonics, lyrics, or overall energy; the features are perfectly balanced.

It's completely anti-pop culture with the topics that RH decides to focus on. Primarily being a positive, present, Black father and role model. With exception to a few mainstream rappers, there’s not a whole lot of that ideology or philosophy that we can point to that’s as uplifting and coming from a place of pure leadership like RappaHeartless. People can sit back and chastise positivity in music all they want but it's just ignorant to write something off just because it might be conscious, morally sound, or enriching. Generational Wealth is all of those things, purely refreshing being a hip hop fan to be guided through a sonic experience of 8 records where the man rapping on the wax is making me rethink all of these negative rappers we’re supposed to glorify. It’s pretty special when a rapper can make you rethink your artistic and life choices, I believe RappaHeartless will make you want to get in your bag but also be more patient and understanding of the tribulations one faces.

This project is more special than just taking lines and breaking them down for analysis. However, I'll break down a few of my favorite strings of lines from Generational Wealth, and point to how they reinforce my previous points made above about the family man, leader, and hustler that is RappaHeartless.

“No flex, need a Rolex for my lifestyle, I’m a time warper, can’t wait till the day come when my drop top on that billboarder!” This line will make much more sense when you start to see some of the brilliant marketing plans that RH has for Generational Wealth. But I can tell you that this line partially refers to RH’s ability for traveling to different time zones, because of his work and businesses; he has more going on than just the city of Phoenix. The way he vocally phrased that line above too at the end of, “I Can’t Wait” was incredibly unique and a new way of ending bars that I hadn’t heard before.

RappaHeartless might not consider himself a singer but he even hits a few melodies and harmonies in Generational Wealth in both “I Can’t Wait” and “Blue Skies”. In Blue Skies RH strings together these bars; “I get it but I’m young but my soul is always older, always had the light that I carried on my shoulders, walk my path with my head so high, with a suit and tie, gotta dress so fly, keep my hopes so high i can touch the sky, so i walk real smooth like a Tesla ride, i gotta know my worth like it's rolling stone, ima paint my own picture like its Al Capone, with a big white board that say we own the show, and my vision so bright i had to close the door!” Whoa! There’s a lot to unpack and break down here…RH being well versed in financial literacy and entrepreneurial endeavors, is akin to referencing things such as Tesla, Al Capone, and Rolling Stone. Three incredibly different areas and industries but all with megalithic business success stories. Altogether I believe the lines mean that RappaHeartless has great plans for the future in ensuring his family’s Generational Wealth. KayJ, his feature on Blue Skies, also had notable lines I’d like to quote… “There’s so many ways that I could kill this track, like there;s so many ways to skin a cat” inferring the creativity of what you can do on a song is literally endless. “Never run out, this ain’t a drought, and if you waiting on that you can sit and pout, I heard the disrespect coming out your mouth.” Here I think KayJ is saying that he’s not going to drop music when his fans want him to, he's only releasing music when he truly feels like it, and if you can’t get it with you can get lost.

“Vibe strong like a pitbull, I’m a chokehold like a turtleneck” love the animal and clothes metaphor, it was just different I had to mention it.. RappaHeartless says this line on Vibes featuring GoldenChild who sings such a lovely sensual hook on this record. “Keep it slick like hair gel, used to take the elevator now I take the stairwell.” I think this line means that RappaHeartless is going to keep things real, and G; but he also doesn’t take the short cuts or easy routes, he believes in really putting in that work, hence taking the stairwell over taking the elevator.

Generational Wealth serves as the culmination of RappaHeartless years of honing his craft to a place of no return. 2 features, 8 songs, self engineered and mastered, RappaHeartless truly has a breakaway project. After this record drops and you hear the message RH has, you will undoubtedly want to hear more! “Generational Wealth” the new LP by RappaHeartless featuring KayJ and GoldenChild is out in all direct streaming platforms today!

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