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San Diego Based Artist Ashley Nicole Greene Soothes with New Single, Dear Universe.

A chance encounter just doom scrolling again on Instagram. I come across Ashley Nicole Greene, she has a video clip of her singing in front of an all white background in an all black fit. Her sound and style is incredibly unique. She has a beautiful alto-soprano range, and she seems to quickly sing-whisper while simultaneously rapping with a strong melody, and a fast flowing rhythm.

Her single “Dear Universe” seems to cover the themes and topics of mental health, self medication, going through traumas and dealing with instability honestly. Ashley Nicole Greene’s lyrics are piercingly honest and it makes her art and music shine that much more for it. Rarely do you hear the shockingly honest semi self deprecating lyricism from a recording artist, being vulnerable like that is hard for most people. She does it brilliantly.

“No i shouldn’t be so hard on myself because I’m still breathing!” She sings with multi layers built into her live performance video, I can imagine seeing her live is a treat for people who love and enjoy different styles of vocalists.

Ashley Nicole Greene live performance visual for Dear Universe can be found on YouTube now at IamAshleyMusic.

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