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Second Air Chicago's Source for Sustainable Fashion!

Second Air is a retail brand that believes in curating second hand pieces that deserve new life and to be recirculated! They believe every single piece has a unique story to tell, and that these pieces should get a 2nd chance, ie a second life.

Based in Chicago, Second Air's catalog contains high quality long sleeved threads, limited edition Nikes, designer tees, and more!

Second Air's genesis came about when its creators noticed just how many pieces go unused in their closet space. When fashion is all about excess and disposability, why not join the sustainable fashion movement by creating an outlet of hand picked items based on their details, quality, and uniqueness. Without manufacturing costs or processes, its also helpful to the environment!

"Our core motivation is to provide a platform with superb finds and reasonable prices in which each purchase you make gives a second-hand clothing item a second chance, a second life,while creating a positive environmental impact."


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