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The Dark Knight of Homecoming LP by Sh4nk7in

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Massillon Ohio rapper and recording artist Derek Shanklin aka Sh4nk7in released The Dark Knight of Homecoming a little over a month ago on July 21st, 2022! This LP by Sh4nk7in is a 14 track record of lyrical raps, faster uptempo chopping flows, over newer sounding soulful boom bap beats. TDKOH contains some solid features in Master Puff, Charlee Parker, and J4ore!

I met Derek Shanklin as well as his featured artists in Cincinnati opening for Twista at the Mockbee, and then I got to actually see Sh4nk7in live in Midland Michigan for the Tri City Vintage Flea Market Volume 4 show (respect to Jacob Peters). I was incredibly impressed by the stage presence of him, as well as Master Puff. Getting to sit down with this record TDKOH by Sh4nk7in has been long overdue.

In BoomBap Brokenness (Intro) Sh4nk7in gets right to the pocket with a solid uptempo flow. He has a different type of voice for a white rapper, I say that genuinely with praise. It's a bit more rugged with an underwater like timber. In this record Sh4nk7in details being isolated and alone with only the sounds of golden era hip hop, and boom bap beats can bring this real emcee solace. "Ive fallen and I can't get back", the outsider looking in. Its always refreshing when white artists can comment on their presence in black space honestly. I appreciate his flow as well, you can tell he's a student of the technical variety, specifically Logic and the Pro Era folks.

Built is another track that continues ironing out Sh4nk7in's style and flow with the uptempo rhythms, the record has to do with how tough he is and how he's made for this life style of pursuing music and hip hop.

Benefits Of Your Love has to do with Sh4nk7in's feelings of abandonment growing up, he mentions his grandmother was actually his mother growing up not the woman that birthed him, a line that's incredibly relatable, there are a lot of parent-less artists walking around these days, it's almost a requisite for transmuting pain into music the way that Sh4nk7in has figured out a palatable way to do so.

Holding Dreams featuring Canton OH heavy hitters Charlee Parker and Master Puff, I'd consider this one of the main singles off TDKOH. The record exudes the fast rap attitude and stylistic technique. The record has to do with holding onto your dreams and passions, superfluously pursuing rap, which is needed to break the ceiling and threshold of success. Notable speed rap verse from Master Puff on this track.

Untouchable is a dope record, one of my favorites from Sh4nk7in, he keeps a consistent flow on the hook culminating in “I remain untouchable!”

Sh4nk7in goes the “Distance” with a lyrically powerful entry with faster raps and the vibe he hits really keeps your attention.

It’s not easy for any artist to rack up 14 records under their belt let alone within one LP but Derek Shanklin aka Sh4nk7in’s sound is beyond impressive. They say don’t judge books by their cover for a plethora of reasons, mainly because you’ll always be surprised and wrong about someone. Sh4nk7in is an artist you have to bump for that reason alone, besides being lyrically effective, his music is also something you can turn your mind off to, I definitely hear the Joey Badass, Capital Steeze, Pro Era east coast beast coast influence in his style.

The tracks I mentioned are just a few of the amazing joints you’ll find on TDKOH by Massillon Ohio’s Sh4nk7in. Bump this project for a different vibe yet still authentically hip hop, I’m excited to hear more projects from Sh4nk7in.

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