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The Impulsive Seek Closure

Omaha rock band The Impulsive recently put out a new single titled “Closure” paired with an exhilarating music video! The Impulsive’s style could be called Nu Metal fused with a couple other subgenres of rock and metal. They have an incredibly dynamic vocal duo in their longtime frontmen Jake McDermott and Shane Vogel. Jake sings the baritone parts and does the scream singing, while Shane takes the higher tenor range. The frontmen together create a strong almost Linkin Park meets Korn meets Alice In Chains type of sonic energy.

I’ve known these musicians since 2010 because Shane and I attended Central High School and shared a lunch period with some friends. Seeing how far they’ve taken the music is inspiring and motivating, to say the least!

The Impulsive have always worked hard on their songwriting and composition. Their latest project in the single Closure, sees their sound and style hitting tremendous growth. There are lots of influences being channeled in this 5 piece rock combo and I’m absolutely loving the intensity in the song Closure. Go follow them on IG, Spotify, and YouTube, and make sure to watch the music video as well, they pulled off one hell of a performance!

We’re looking forward to covering more new music and visuals from The Impulsive!


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