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Tre5Cast Questions Loyalty and Relationships in “Trusted”

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Donning a dope orange fit with icy chains in front of a clean white Jaguar; Tre5Cast posts up with his homie in front of a 7/11 to deliver his song and message about who can be “Trusted.”

Shot by The Shooters Media Group, and debuting on February 1st, Tre5Cast is going off in Trusted and if this video is any indication, he has no plans of slowing down.

“N***as been showing they ain’t to be trusted, that’s why a n***a don’t trust them” Is the main line of the hook repeated a few times through out the track, reminding people he notices the snaky moves that have been happening around him and he’s fully aware of the plotting.

“My child need a father, and I ain’t gone leave them for nothing, and when I go she’ll be sitting on money, and acres of land on a crib in the country.”

Here Tre5Cast details that he takes care of business when it comes to his family and if he dies, he has things in place to make sure his daughter has a better life than he did.

“Check on my brother, I know he been at it, 6 o clock jamming with big addicts.” Tre5Cast might be talking about some of his family members being involved in the street life and he is checking up on his brother to make sure no harm came to him because he is out serving clientele. Either way these lines make for quite an uptempo lyrical drill or lyrical trap banger that’s definitely unexpected from the cadences to the flow. Tre5Cast jumps different pockets, and strings multiple lines together while keeping that driller sound consistent. A fun record and I hope they bump this record in the jag with the windows down.

“N***as want more static? I’m at your crib with the beef like I’m Door Dashing.” A self explanatory line about a contemporary business model, but comparing him being at your door step in such a regular fashion without even blinking just how quickly Door Dash will deliver you that good grub.

“Shorty been digging the nuance, she like my style and I swear that it’s something I threw on.” This is a solid bar about being attractive to the women, Tre5Cast says this line as he’s flashing his shiny watch to the cam and his chains. Nuance and threw on are a good example of those near rhyming words that sometimes sound even better than words that perfectly rhyme together such as “seance”. To be fair there aren’t many perfect rhymes for nuance at all so to use this word in a song as a rapper is impressive.

Tre5Cast delivers a strong message and brand with this music video to the hard song that is “Trusted”. If you’re thinking about crossing him I wouldn’t advise it considering the assortments of blades and axes he was brandishing in the visual and keep in mind he was in front of a 7/11 so he’s clearly not phased about taking and escalating things to a place you don’t want to go. Make sure to follow Tre5Cast on all social medias! Art After Dark is anticipating more hard music from this up and coming rapper!

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