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Tunisian Artist, The Painting Dentist Brings People Vibrant Colors!

The Painting Dentist, is a Tunisian painter, who studies dental medicine. She loves bright colors and with that makes decorative paintings and colored pots for your interior decor. Her love of plant life can be shown throughout her works!

The Painting Dentist's artwork is extremely vibrant and complex with her use of bright colors like red, orange, and yellow that catch your eye quickly. She uses these colors as focal points. The bold, bright hues are also perfect for directing attention to the overall painting. There is so much knowledge that we gain from artists and their relationship with color. As we view color through the eyes of this great painter we discover their intense passions, unavoidable obsessions, and staunch beliefs about the powers of color.

The Painting Dentist, is here to bring more beautiful decorative painting, life and design to your home!


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