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Twista Reignites Industry with Prayer

If you haven’t been following the classic and legendary Twista over the last few years as he’s been reinventing himself while continuing to build upon the classical rap style he pioneered and arguably created; then I can’t simply understand where your mind has been at if you call yourself a hip hop head.

Twista’s career has seen its fair share of ups and downs like many artists from the old school & golden eras. What sets Twista apart (aside from his signature style that rappers, and music lovers the world over have fallen in love with) is his immense catalog, his consistency, and his willingness to outwork his contemporaries (catalog of features).

The music video to his song Prayer exemplifies this perfectly. The song feels fresh for 2022, while still having the timeless Twista; emcee his electrifyingly fast lyrics over the co-production by Toxic and T.L. Williams. The music video shot by RenTheDirector brings out the energy of the song and sets up Twista to deliver a powerful performance of the record.

Twista’s Prayer, without need of a hook, reminds you of the reasons why you fell in love with the fastest rapper ever, and reminds you why you still follow and listen to him, to this very day.

My favorite line of the many brilliant entendres Twista layers throughout the track is, “When it come to pimpin' styles then I am an emblem

The way I disassemble 'em and reassemble 'em

Syllable after syllable down to the minimum

And swingin' back and forth on a bitch like a pendulum.” How Twista dishes out the velocity and rhyming ‘em at the end of the phrasing of those bars just HIT.

Twista once again cements his legacy with the music video to Prayer.

Stream Prayer and watch the video out now on YouTube! Prayer from Twista’s latest project Shooter Ready is available everywhere!

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