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Viennese DJ Spotlight Alkan Torres

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

DJ Alkan Torres is a name to know in the Viennese music and nightlife scenes.

Alkan Torres has spun for us a couple times, once a few years ago at the restaurant-club called Wirr/Dual and another amazing set at our Garden of Eden event at Sneakin Vienna back in 2018.

Art After Dark has seen a lot of growth in Alkan Torres, starting with our arts+entertainment fusion events to booking night clubs all over Europe. Book Alkan for your next party or event. It would be doing your ears the ambience of the venue a service. His Spanish background definitely plays a great role in his musical tastes and style. You can find him at regular hot spots such as PLAC and events throughout Vienna.

Alkan Torres brings valuable perspective to contribute to the ongoing legacy that is ELECTRONIC, HOUSE AND HIP HOP and he gets to share that through out the country and internationally!

INSTAGRAM: alktorres

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