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WMHM: Hollie Davis Creates Empowering Afro-Centric and Feminist Art.

Hollie Davis is an African American artist spreading beauty through an unattainable gaze at things that are overlooked to the art world. Throughout history there have been African-American artists who, despite a Caucasian focused and predominantly male art scene, have imagined a contemporary world in which blackness is the norm. Hollie's works begin as sketches on paper which she then fills in with acrylic color.

Her artwork deals with race & identity, class and social demographics, as well as anything that shows homage to her hometown Chicago, IL, more specifically the neighborhood of Beverly; as well as it's daily struggles and triumphs. She has portrayed these themes throughout her paintings. Her artwork creates a tension between the relationship of past and present and it is so beautifully captured in each of her artworks. Hollie has redefined traditional standards of beauty and revitalized the black consciousness, addressing issues of racism, feminism, gentrification, and exploitation.

Her portraits depict sophisticated and dignified working-class African Americans as they go through their daily lives as well as prominent figures in history. And to that we are happy to say this is an artist "WHO IS MAKING HISTORY".


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