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Yung Tact’s From the Mile 2 The Lakeshore

Yung Tact drops the anticipated visual to From the Mile 2 the Lakeshore! The track is from the 2021 album Live 95, fully produced by MEFTAH.

In the video you can see Tact torching up the quartz banger in preparation for a dab while showcasing various other cannabis products and flashing his brands Flush Recordings and The Kief Collection, as Tact starts puffing the honey wax the titular intro chant comes on paired with the distorted lo fi boom bap instrumental…I think this video is about to be a vibe!

If you’re familiar with Yung Tact you’d know he’s consistent as a recording artist and performer. He’s developed a growing catalog of releases under his belt containing a mixture of singles, EP, and LPs. His latest project was St. Tactics Day available on BandCamp and SoundCloud!

“Cali plug hit me, sent me 3 of the care packs, watch me finna blow like an air bag.” I don’t know if folks catch the hidden double entendre in the air bag reference, an actual car's air bag, or a puffing on a volcano vape bag, or just the idea that’s he’s smoking on the Kush so much it could fill an air bag. Either way the line stood out and had me pondering volcano vapes. If Philly has Wiz, and LA has Snoop, I think Chicago has Yung Tact; the weed rap game is strong with this one, who’s his parallel?

The video then shows Yung Tact in a montage of hanging out in the city, taking shots with people, rocking the stage, and being at a concert or dance club event. “In the lab cooking up these rhymes and I ain’t even hit my prime” Yung Tact raps to end the record leaving a feel good vibe as the beat plays out.

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