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I first met Jacob Peters while sound checking my set in preparation to open for Twista at the MockBee in Cincinnati. His energy was infectious and upon hearing me immediately inquired if I’d like to perform at an all day music & vendors event in Midland Michigan…I said yes of course!

Jacob Peters is the man behind the vintage slinging, conversation sharing, live music curation brands of 989JerseyPlug, Feeling Good Podcast, and the Tri City Vintage Flea Market! Utilizing these businesses in a trifecta of ways, he does a great deal to uplift (both locally and regionally) artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs while building out his brands’ vision.

Jacob Peter’s slogan for the 989JerseyPlugged is “Get Plugged In Today!” He got his start by traveling to different diy events, festivals, shows, etc to sell his vintage hats, jackets, and clothes. This eventually culminated in him curating his own events (Tri City Vintage Flea Market) and inviting the same network from the greater midwest that he’d met along the way (including me!).

This man has gone above and beyond for his vintage threads resale business, even bunking up in the dead of winter in his Suburban SUV just so he could remain at a festival and sell his product.

Jacob Peters (through Feeling Good Podcast) has created a wonderful network and platform for recording artists to talk about their works and history, showcase their talents, meet one another, and get stage time. I had the pleasure of participating at the most recent Tri City Vintage Flea Market Volume 4 event in Midland, the community of performing artists and vendors really showed up! There were people like myself coming from Chicago, and artists/vendors from Cincinnati, other parts of Ohio, and Indiana! The Feeling Good Podcast has entertaining and informative episodes out in circulation interviewing up and coming recording artists!

If you’re looking for a pillar of support as a small business, entrepreneur, creative, freelancer, or artist; then look no further than Jacob Peters! His brands of 989 Jersey Plug, Feeling Good Podcast, and Tri City Vintage Flea Market are bringing cool like minded people together to share in creative business endeavors, true community building. If you’re a recording artist and have new music or an interesting story to tell then submit to his Feeling Good Podcast platform!

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